Meet The Team

The people behind the operations of Styledcxo



Cherry takes the critical role of representing the business, curating our products and also plays a big role in many operational decisions for Styledcxo together with Michael. She takes pride in customer engagements and curation of products.



Michael works closely with our Customer Relations team to help resolve all disputes and concerns addressed by customers if any. As well as all web-design, processes, and all administrative procedures required for operation of Styledcxo.


We are a team of fashion enthusiasts that started selling vintage clothing since 2019. We started from Instagram and we’re striving to sell our products internationally. We grew fond of the idea of sustainable clothing/fashion over time and made it our mission to bring in the best quality curated clothing.

Our Team

Brand Ambassador

Cherry takes the critical role of representing the brand.

Customer Relations Management

Michael leads the customer relations team to handle any disputes or concerns by our customers. Many of our Instagram messages and customers’ concerns are replied by our team of customer relations personnel unless customers personally addressed to our founders. To respect the confidentiality agreement of the team’s employment agreement with Styledcxo, remain anonymous but that does not affect our quality of customer service as we strive to bring you the best shopping experience at Styledcxo.


Part-time packing assistants every collection for mailing and shipping. We ensure each order is packed accordingly and proof of mailing via photograph upon request is sent to reassure that the order has been sent.


All our models may vary from time to time. To make our customers’ experience shopping with us more convenient and pleasant, we hire models that are expressive in their own unique style, with similar physical height and shape to our existing profile of customers based on demand. That goes without saying, our models are full of fashion zest. Anyone that meets the requirements we are looking for are welcome to apply to be a model for us.


This business is run by Cherry and Michael, and share equal responsibilities required for Styledcxo. All critical and non-critical decision for Styledcxo are shared between the 2, which is also contributed by our Customer Relations team.

Our Store

We have a wide variety of unique vintage pieces thoughtfully curated by yours truly. All our items went through heavy quality inspection before posting up for sale. Like many vintage items, some may have worn out or damaged due to old age or wear and tear but its value does not necessarily depreciate.

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